The QNHS Alumni Foundation Global Network


Graduates and friends of the Quezon National High School around the globe working together to help the school meet the needs of the students and support the teachers in satisfying these needs.

All together, we will conquer all the foes of Quezon High!

Background Information

Quezon National High School, the second oldest secondary school in the Philippines celebrated its centenary in 2002. At the centennial celebrations the problems besetting the school were brought to the attention of the alumni who were present.  Those problems immediately found their way into the inboxes of many a graduate.

The problems are many.  Problems that are experienced by nearly all public schools in the country: budget constraints resulting to poor teacher training, meager salary, low teacher morale, insufficient infrastructure, overcrowding, lack of instructional materials and other resources, the students’ poor academic performance and so on.

A number of QNHS graduates in the Philippines and overseas have joined forces to come up with possible solutions. They work closely with those in the SEC-registered QNHS Alumni Foundation, the QNHS Principal and other school executives.


To achieve the above Vision, the working group in the Philippines and overseas aims to:

  • Disseminate the Background Information to as many alumni and former Quezon High students and teachers around the world as possible.
  • Encourage them to become lifetime members of the Foundation as a way of empowering it to finance some or all of its programs.
  • Motivate them to actively serve in the Foundation’s committees and subcommittees and/or to volunteer their expertise and talent to help them implement their programs.
  • Urge them to adopt and finance (individually or as a class group) specific initiatives of the different committees e.g. the QNHS Teaching Chair Scheme, Teacher Welfare Fund, Career Guidance Program, revival of THE COCONUT, the Dramatic and Glee Clubs and other programs.
  • Promote Help-Quezon-High awareness among the different class groups as a regular undertaking but especially during class reunions.
  • Enthuse class groups to raise funds to enable the different Foundation committees to achieve their objectives.

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